Surprising Amazon Kitchen Gadgets That Cost Less Than $30 | Food & Wine – Food & Wine

Surprising Amazon Kitchen Gadgets That Cost Less Than $30 | Food & Wine – Food & Wine

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While most seasoned cooks have all the small appliances they need in their kitchens, there are still a few gadgets that might surprise them. From vegetable slicers and grease containers to uniquely shaped cleaning tools and utensils, you can find plenty of unexpected ways to streamline meal prep, clear clutter, and keep produce fresh. They don’t have to cost a fortune, either—Amazon has tons of unique kitchen tools for less than $30 that make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and exchanges. 

For anyone who loves bacon, surprise them with the Bacon Bin that’s designed to properly store leftover grease. It’s better than using a glass jar because it has a filter at the top that separates oil from other food particles. In turn, it keeps the grease fresh and makes it easier to use for cooking in the future. Another smart storage solution to add to your list is the Avocado Keeper from Prepworks by Progressive. You might think an avocado can only last a few hours before turning brown after it’s cut open, but this handy gadget allows you to keep it fresh for several days and is a more sustainable option than using plastic wrap.  

“It works like a charm,” wrote one user. “I left an avocado in the [fridge] for three days and it was as fresh as when I opened it.”. 

It might seem silly to give someone a pack of dishcloths, but this pack of 10 Swedish Wholesale Dishcloths does so much more than the average kitchen towel—and it’s backed by more than 24,800 five-star ratings. They’re super absorbent for quickly cleaning messes and are textured for scrubbing away stubborn stains. Instead of throwing them out after one use, simply toss them in the washing machine and they’ll be as good as new. Use them to clean dishes, countertops, floors, tables, and more. 

Whether you’re preparing for a white elephant gift exchange or looking for a thoughtful gift for the home cook who seems to have everything, you can’t go wrong with any of these kitchen gadgets. They’re all available on Amazon and some are even on sale for a limited time. Below, sift through our full list of unique kitchen gadgets that are actually worth buying.